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  • Realmud's status update

    As many of you are aware Shinigami is no longer with Realmud, We wish him the best is all he does and Want to thank him for all the things he has done over the years.

    I have had about a week to look into some things, fix a few things, Code a long overdue event, I know it has its rough points but it’s a start to where I want to see Realmud going.

    I have had a lot of feedback from quite a few players and I thank you for that, Please keep the feedback coming and I will try my best to respond as best as I can.

    Some of the major issues that have been brought to my attention include but not limited to.

    Battle mage spells and lag
    New content in game, including weapons, armors, and things like that.
    Current boss setup and xp given,
    Plus quite a few other things along the way.

    I want to share some thoughts on what I have seen in the first week of looking into these things.

    We will be looking at spells and such as time goes on, I have not had a change to go thru any specific spells to test them.

    I know this was promised by previous staff and I do not know fully what they were planning. At this time we have decided to not add a second reroll. If there become issues that require adding in or granting extra rerolls we will look into it at that time.

    Frost bane,
    we have adjusted the way damage is done with this weapon as well as brought it in line to swing at the same speeds of weapons arounds its requirement.
    We know that some characters were built around this bug; I will say Staff is at fault for letting this bug remain available to be abused. It’s why it was one of the first things fixed when I looked at it and saw how damaging this was to balance. Any character that has been built around this bug should put in a problem report and we will verify the build and will allow 1 reroll for this character.

    New content, I have found some of the documentation used by previous staff and have seen where some of it was entered into the editor. I am not sure what direction they were trying to go in. So each thing will need to be evaluated and tested for balance. This will be a process and will take time to sort all of it out. Please bear with us why we work on these things.
    We will be working on other things at the same time so we can add in more areas and such for people to hunt. I will not say were going to add in something specific for any one class or build type at this point. I have heard mention of a solo leveling ground for levels 200+, I am not sure how that was planned out nor do I have any documentation on the idea. We will look into it and see if it is something viable to be done or not.

    VIP, what a mess RM's system really is, some areas you have a 2 hour timer, some area's you don't. Give me some time to look into it and I will see what we can do with that area. .

    I hope this answers some of your questions, I know there will be more. Please continue to communicate with us and we will continue to listen and see what great ideas and times we can create.


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    Let me be clear here so there is no missunderstanding, The reroll for frostbane will only be for those characters that are built in a why that it can not pick up any other weapon and be able to hunt