Colour Coding
Black: AR NPCs
Teal: RD NPCs
Light Blue: SH NPCs
Orange: Seraph NPCs
Violet: Add-on NPCs
Red: Gods

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Name (last,first) Occupation Location
A creeping fiend Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A Dark Figure A thief, skill trainer AR-LH Town
A decrepit figure Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A foul abomination Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A frail creature Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A gate keeper Mausoleum gate keeper RD-Mausoleum
A Guarsdman A guard AR-LH, Halam's Inn
A Happy Fellow A drunk beggar AR-WH, Drunken Dragon's Inn
A loathsome horror Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A miserable soul Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A moaning shadow Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A pitiful being Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A putrid beast Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A rotting monstrosity Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A Shadow in the Woods A Shadow, who gives you Drachen parts RD-Forest of No Return
A stumbling corpse Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
A walling entity Undead Brother, part of royal key quest RD-Crypt lvl 3
Adriana Armor Penetration trainer RD-SSK Town
Algder Samil Disciple of Artherk AR-WH Temple
Alphan Helps you after reborn Oracle Realm
Amandra A soldier RD-SSK Town
Amelia A woman, part of Crimsonscale Letter quest AR-LH Town
Annabelle A strange woman, who is looking for her lover William AR-Troll's House
Anter Assyst Employer of Lord Sunrock AR-WH Town
Antonian (Hermit) Knows the location of Nexus stones AR-West from Crypt
Aquinos Scholar A scholar, part of Crimsonscale quest RD-SS Temple
Araknor A necromancer, spell trainer AR-LH Town
Archibald Sends you at the "Forest of No Return" RD-through Broken One cave (ver 1.20 to 1.25)
RD-outside Broken One cave (ver 1.25 and up)
Arrowmist Morindin A hunter, skill trainer RD-north from taras pond
Artherk Good God of Althea Nowhere
Asarr Chief/Leader of thieves AR-Thieves Town
Aspicdart Reynen Thief, part of Royal Key quest RD-Connector Cave
Balork A demon AR-LH Temple Dungeon lvl 4
Belagan Adriana's assistant RD-SSK Town
Betran Helps you after reborn Oracle Realm
Blackblood Bane A powerful evil character RD-Bane's Castle
Blackrose Elysana A mage, spell trainer RD-SSK Town
Bloodhammer Nafuhr Armor seller RD-SSK, Nafuhr's Armor Shop
Boreas Potion seller RD-SSK Town
Boroar the Knight A Soldier AR-WH Town
Brownbark Aaron A walking good tree RD-north from Crypt entrance
Brownbark Anrak A man in a basement of a house RD-east from taras pond
Caballero Iago Acolyte of Artherk RD-SW from SSK Town
Caplan Helps you after reborn Oracle Realm
Celydia Silversky castle employee RD-SSK Castle
Clar Liurn A mage, spell trainer AR-WH Mage Tower
Cred Marsac A mage, spell trainer AR-WH Mage Tower
Crimsonscale A good Dragon RD-Mausoleum
Crowbanner Rikken (Bishop) Mentor of Princess Delilah, spell trainer RD-SSK Castle
Cth R'yleth A mage, spell trainer AR-WH Mage Tower
Custodian The custodian of the library RD-Library
Dafyd +2 weapon seller RD-east from Deep One Caves
Damien (Monsignor) A former priest of Artherk RD-north from SSK Town
Dark Fang The dragon of Lighthaven AR-LH Town
Delaan Helps you after reborn Oracle Realm
Delilah (Princess) Daughter of King Theodore VIII RD-SSK Castle
Destroy Guntertag A friendly Orc AR-WH Town
Dhul Kirlor (Lord) The Lord of LH AR-LH Town
Doremas A follower of Dark Path, skill trainer RD-SSK Town
Draconis Guardian A hurt NPC part of the Crimsonscale Letter quest AR-Lothar's Sacred Temple
Drardos Antique seller who likes to have a shop, but... RD-SSK Town
Drunk A drunk man AR-WH, Drunken Dragon's Inn
Earthsong Yrian Druid, spell trainer AR-Druid Camp
Edden A castle guard RD-SSK Castle
Eedy Greyard Banker of WH AR-WH Bank
Efnisien Holds the key to Lothar Sacred temple AR-LH Town
Eldantor A wandering mage, skill trainer SH-SC Town
Eldrig Skill trainer SH-SC Town
Epilan Helps you after reborn Oracle Realm
Eraka A soldier AR-WH Town
Ethan (Guild Leader) Leader of Merchant's Guild AR-WH Town
Etheanan A mage, spell trainer RD-NW from taras pond
Evelyn A wandering woman (part of Willowisp ring quest) RD-Near taras pond
Fairweather (Mayor) The mayor of Stonecrest SH-SC, Mayor Fairweather's Residence
Fali Potion seller AR-LH Town
Fatebringer Malachai A centaur, part of horse friendship quest SH-Centaur Village
Featherfoot Mirymwen A thief, skill trainer SH-Thieves Hideout
Filandrius A librarian, spell trainer RD-Library
Forgelot Seban +2 weapon seller AR-west from Orc bridge
Garnir A soldier, skill trainer AR-WH Barracks
Geena The waiter of Lighthaven inn AR-LH, Halam's Inn
George the third A soldier AR-WH Barracks
Geram A drunk fellow RD-SSK, Troll's Armpit tavern
Giamas (Brother) Priest of Artherk, spell trainer RD-SSK Temple
Gimplestratten Edgar Chief of the merchant guild AR-LH Town
Glaenshenmilandira A good Seraph character Ethereal Realm (Nether Isles)
Glarefire Thor A +1 and +2 weapon seller SH-Centaur Village
Gravesoul Aedenas (King) King of the Centaurs SH-Centaur Village
Greenleaf Roen Skill Trainer SH-SE from SC Town
Greyleaf the Daemon Tree Boss of the Demon Trees RD-SE from taras pond
Grimish A yellow Goblin RD-Orc Camp
Gunthar (High Priest) High Priest, part of Crimsonscale quest AR-LH Temple
Gwen Armor seller AR-WH, Gwen's Armor Shop
Gypsy A gypsy, part of Crismonscale letter quest AR-SE from bridge to caves
Haad Olin The "bad guy" at Crimsonscale Letter quest AR-Olin Haad's Castle
Haden A follower of Dark Path RD-SW corner of the island
Hald Omar A jewelry seller SH-SC Town
Haloseeker Nissus A Priest, spell trainer SH-SC Temple
Hamhoo Jon Chef of the SSK castle RD-SSK Castle kitchen
Harforr (Brother) A Disciple of Artherk AR-WH Temple
Harr Harock (Captain) A sailor AR-WH Pirates tavern
Heatforge Rhodar A weapons seller RD-SSK, Rhodar's Weapon Shop
Hornkeep Grant (Sheriff) The sheriff of Stonecrest SH-SC Town
Hornwind Dunikus Brother of Celestina Waterbreeze, spell trainer AR-Druid Camp
Iargh Arganor (Sir) Skill Trainer AR-WH Barracks
Idas A castle guard RD-SSK Castle
Iraltok A mage, spell trainer AR-LH Mage Tower
Ironbender Herewald Armor seller SH-SC, Herewald's Armor Shop
Irongaze Talon The banker of SSK RD-SSK Castle
Irongrip Delvar A warrior AR-near Goblin Camp
Ironfaith Theoran A priest of Artherk SH-southeast from SC Town
Ironleg (Captain) A pirate, searching his cutlass RD-SSK Pirates tavern
Ironstrife Derran A warrior, skill trainer RD-SSK Castle
Isulgur Assistant of Lord Kirlor Dhul AR-LH Town
Jalus A farmer AR-LH Town
Jamar One of the two friends who traveled at the Desert RD-SSK Town (near fountain)
Jarko the Necromancer A powerful necromancer AR-Jarko's Caves lvl 3
Jeremiah A mage assistant RD-SSK Castle
Julian A follower of Dark Path SH-SC Town
Kalastor A thief, skill Trainer AR-LH Town
Kalir One of the two friends who travel at the Desert RD-Desert Oasis
Kar Jagar Skill Trainer AR-LH Town
Karahn +1 weapon seller AR-west from Druid Camp
Karl Skill trainer AR-LH Town
Kavarian the Unseen The invisible man, spell trainer SH-east from Colloseum
Kiadus Weapon seller RD-SSK Castle
Kilhiam Disciple of Artherk AR-LH Temple
Kira Jurnistakr (Archbishop) The Archbishop of Althea AR-WH Temple
Kiran (Brother) Priest of Artherk AR-LH Temple
Khimtesar A healthy looking man, spell trainer SH-Sunken Woods
Knowall Iroual Barman of tavern AR-WH, Drunken Dragon's Inn
Kwarlgloth Pot and Manastone seller SH-Moontug Skraug Caves
Laky Miram A farmer AR-WH Town
Laren The waiter of SSK tavern RD-SSK, Troll's Armpit tavern
Leana Assistant of the antique dealer, Drardos RD-SSK Town
Leodwald (Corsair) Leader of the Royal Fleet RD-SSK Pirates Tavern
Librarian A Librarian (actually there 3 of them) RD-Library
Lightfoot Daran Skill trainer SH-SC, Inn of Adventurers
Lighthaven Samaritan The Samaritan of LH AR-LH Town
Lord of the Shops Weapon (melee, bows), Armor & Shield seller Random Locations (usually near Kavarian house or near Heart of Destiny)
Lothan A mage, spell trainer AR-LH Mage Tower
Lothar the Just Holds the Caledbolg RD-Caledbolg's Shrine
Lurker (The) A thief, skill trainer AR-WH Town
Lyria A thief, skill trainer AR-Thieves Town
Malaar A disciple of Artherk AR-WH Temple
Malorik Nisalm Lord Sunrock's assistant AR-WH Town
Mark Ttayh Weapon seller AR-WH, Ttayh's Weapon Store
Markam Lord Kirlor Dhul's assistant AR-LH Town
Menark A mage RD-SSK Castle
Merkiss Elmert A guard (says the news of the town) AR-LH Town (near fountain)
Metanas A guard outside the Silversky tavern RD-SSK, Troll's Armpit tavern
Mhorgwloth the Troll A troll, skill trainer AR-Troll's House
Milandra Bastien Son of Glaenshenmilandira SH-Sir Beltigan's Castle
Mirandul A thief AR-Thieves Town
Mithrand The Banker of LH AR-LH, Mithrand's Bank
Moonglow Darius A druid RD-Druids Camp
Moonrock A disciple of Artherk, spell trainer AR-LH Temple
Mordenthal (Sir) A follower of the Dark path SH-Mordenthal's Castle
Murmuntag An friendly Orc, skill trainer AR-LH Town (near fountain)
Mushn A farmer AR-WH Fields
Nameless Bard A beast, part of Crimsonscale quest RD-Nameless Bard Crypt
Nevanis A priest AR-LH Temple Dungeon lvl 1
Nira Mirak Old Hermit's daughter AR-WH Town (near temple)
Niuss (Brother) A disciple of Artherk AR-WH Temple
Ogrimar Evil God of Althea Nowhere
Oracle (The) Last NPC at the Oracle Area Oracle Realm
Ortanalas Skill Trainer AR-LH Town
Polainas A Wealthy-Looking Man, Colloseum "manager" SH-Colloseum
Rainmist Lantalir A druid, skill trainer AR-Druid Camp
Ramirgo Gate keeper of Caledbolg's Shrine RD-Caledbolg's Shire
Rawlin +1 weapon seller RD-east from SSK
Red Beard (Skipper) A sailor AR-WH Pirates tavern
Renegade Orc Leader A Orc, follower of Dark path AR-Jarko's Caves lvl 3
Resha A guard SH-SC Town
Rikarr Laonian A disciple of Artherk AR-WH Temple
Riverbane Kederic A druid, spell trainer RD-Druid Camp
Rolph Armor seller AR-LH, Rolph's Armor Shop
Rondy A swineherd RD-SSK Town
Rumblefoot Ghundarg Orc leader RD-Orc Camp
Samuel King Theodore's assistant RD-SSK Castle
Scholar A scholar (actually there are 4 of them), part of Crimsonscale quest RD-Library
Shadeen the Dagger A thief, follower of the dark path RD-Skullkeep Dungeon
Shatterskull Kyathos A Centaur guard SH-Centaur Village bridge
Shovanis A mage, spell trainer AR-LH Temple Dungeon lvl 1
Sigfried Weapon seller AR-LH, Sigfried's Weapon Store
Silverknife Baldric A thief, follower of Dark Path and skill trainer RD-SSK Town
Silversmith Lance Special Armor and Weapon maker AR-east from Goblin Camp
Silverhawk Kheral A town guard SH-SC Town
Silverstream Dionysus Chief of the Centaur guards SH-Centaur Village
Snowraven Mithanna A mage spell trainer SH-SC Town
Songweaver Dantalir (the Bard) A thief, skill trainer SH-Thieves Hideout
Starbolt Aloysius A mage, spell trainer RD-SSK Castle
Steelblade Delnar A guard who collects Villain's skulls SH-SC Town entrance
Steelhammer Gulfrid Weapon seller SH-SC, Gulfrid's Weapon Shop
Steelwind Norimar The banker of Stonecrest SH-SC, Norimar's Bank
Stoneface Dwarthon Assistant of Bane Blackblood RD-Bane's Castle
Sunim Marnec A farmer AR-LH Town
Sunrock (Lord) Chief of the Windhowl army AR-WH Town
Swiftblade Rablek A thief, skill trainer SH-Thieves Hideout
Swiftblade Vincent A town guard AR-LH Fountain
Taliron Armour seller RD-SSK, Taliron's Armor Shop
Teardrop Annithae Hald Omar assistant SH-SC Town
Terwin A King Theodore's guard RD-SSK Castle
Thunderheart Zion A Centaur who tries to be King SH-Centaur Village
Thea A waiter RD-SSK, Troll's Armpit tavern
Theodore VIII (King) King of Althea RD-SSK Castle
Theopold's Specter King Theopold's specter (part of Cuthana quest) RD-Cave (you are teleported there during the Cuthana quest)
Thomar (Chamberlain) Chamberlain of King Theodore RD-SSK Castle
Thorkas (Brother) Priest of Artherk, spell trainer RD-SSK Temple
Theorn Lemnearan (Old Hermit) A hermit, father of Mirak Nira AR-through Brigands Cave
Thorwagth (Chieftain) Chief of Purple Skraug SH-Moontug Skraug Cave
Thraaglurh Oogla Chieftain Thorwagth's wife SH-Moontug Skraug Cave
Tobias A mage and librarian RD-SSK Castle
Torgas Owner of the SC tavern SH-SC, Inn of Adventurers
Tors Halam Owner of the LH Inn AR-LH, Halam's Inn
Totak A gambler thief AR-Thieves Town
Travis (Lord) A soldier AR-WH Town
Tristan A town guard, part of Obsidian Conclave quest SH-SC Fountain
Uranos A mage, spell trainer AR-LH Mage Tower
Urik the Tailor A tailor, part of Crimsonscale Letter quest AR-WH Town
Vargus A follower of Dark Path SH-Temple of Ogrimar
Venadar (A Frightening Beast) A beast, follower of the Dark Path SH-Giant Rock Cave
Vortimer Warden Holds the key for Mad House AR-near Mad's House
Wajpoothin Headhunter Makes the Skraugbashor Maces SH-Kahp Leth Village
Warstone Mordrick Chief of the King guards RD-SSK Castle
Waterbreeze Celestina Druid, sister of Durikus Hornwind, spell trainer RD-Druid Camp
Weethgwotha (Shaman) Spell Trainer SH-Kahp Leth Village
Whitesword Beltigan (Sir) Follower of Artherk SH-Beltigan's Castle
Wildheart Thorbin Bartender RD-SSK, Troll's Armpit tavern
Windchaser Gladdius A Centaur guard SH-Centaur Village
Windhowl Guard A guard AR-WH Town
Windhowl Samaritan The Windhowl Samaritan AR-WH Town
Windhowl Sentry A town guard WH-Town entrance
Winterstorm Meltar A thief, skill trainer and gem collector SH-Thieves Hideout
Wolfmane Tarnian A ranger AR-LH Town
Worgwloth Grutt Brother of Worgwolth Trugg SH-Kahp Leth Village
Worgwloth Trugg Skill trainer SH-Kahp Leth Village
World Wild Horse A wandering horse SH-near Centaur Village
Wounded Guard A wounded guard AR-WH Town
Wulgworth Khan Makes the belts of skraug strength SH-Moontug Skraug Cave
Wuuthgoran (Chief) Chief of Green Skraugs SH-Kahp Leth Village
Xanth (A blind man) A powerful necromancer, spell trainer RD-Broken One Cave
Yahgwuhl (Chieftain) A Skraug warrior SH-Moontug Skraug Cave
Yolak Potion seller AR-WH, Yolak's Shop of Wonders
Yolangda Chryseida Potion seller SH-SC Town
Zhakar A powerful mage, spell trainer RD-Tower of Sorcery