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The 4th Coming | Realmud

The 4th Coming Char Rolling Guide

Please Read Carefully

Upon launching the 4th Coming game you will need to log in your account and it will tell you to create a new character Male or Female.You will have to pick a name for your character some names will be (Taken) so be unique, Next it will give you some random question that you have to answer (DO NOT ANSWER RANDOMLY) These questions have unique answers that boost up your characters stats such as 'Strengh,Endurance,Agility,Intelligence,Wisdom' Below you will find answers to the questions and behind each answer it will mark what it will boost.

The Questions

Everyone believes in being worthy, but not everyone agrees on what it means in real life. Who do you feel is the most worthy ?

The fearless amazon who, cornered by a hundred warriors, nonetheless stands her ground to defend a hopeless cause. (+Str, End)

The rebellious troubadour who wanders the kingdom, pleading openly for justice and equality for all.(Nothing)

The shrewd king who plays his enemies against each other and keeps his people happy. (+Int)

The man who flees the battlefield so he can live to fight another day. (+Agi, Str)

The humble man who apologizes for his mistakes and past misdeeds. (+Wis)

What personality trait would you look for in a life mate ?

Ambition, for without it, your life has no aim. (+Agi, Str)

Dedication, for it is the true measure of a person. (+Wis)

Candor, for innocence is priceless in a harsh world. (Nothing)

Courage, for fear lessens your worth. (+Str, End)

Wit, for its absence makes you ordinary. (+Int)

On the night before you rite of passage, a heavenly messenger appears to you on the stroke of midnight. What does it look like ?

A figure wrapped in white samite, holding a lit taper in one hand and a silver orb in the other (+Wis)

A beautiful, alluring maiden, with hair like golden honey, skin white as milk and eyes blue as sapphires. (+Agi, Str)

A radiant valkyrie, standing proudly in glittering silver mail armor, wielding a two-handed sword and bearing a winged helmet. (+Str, End)

A winged gargoyle, its head crowned with flames and its breath smelling of sulfur and decay. (+Int)

A white-furred giant, its broad shoulders slumped, its powerful arms hanging low, its eyes gentle and inquisitive. (Nothing)

You draw a card at random from a tarot deck. It is...

The Emperor, expressing leadership, power, decisions and strength. (+Str, End)

The Mage, expressing willpower, communication, organization and invention. (+Int)

The Wheel of Fortune, expressing destiny, abundance, originality and chance. (Agi, Str)

The Fool, expressing possibilities, choice, creative expression and trust. (Nothing)

The Hierophant, expressing morality, wisdom, teaching and spirituality. (+Wis)

A renowned minstrel offers to sing a ballad of your choice. You ask for...

The incredible adventures of Morgan Nimblefoot in the labyrinthine Palace of a Thousand Mirrors. (+Agi, Str)

The travels and miracles of St. Peter, and the tales of his peaceful sermons and admonishments. (+Wis)

The parable of the Crow and the Swan, where the crow wages with the swan over which one is most loved by humans. (Nothing)

The arcane tales of Archmage Salvieri and his quest for eternal life and mystical illumination. (+Int)

The battles of Sir Knight Boeris against the demon king Vindigan and his fiendish horde of hellwolves. (+Str, End)

What is it you prize the most ?

Your eyes and hands. (+Int)

Your strength of character. (+Str, End)

Jeremiah, your pet bullfrog. (Nothing)

Your freedom. (+Agi, Str)

Your friends and family (+Wis)

A premonitory dream troubled your slumber last night, leaving you with doubts and questions. The dream was about...

A hyena feeding off your dead carcass. (+Agi, Str)

A raven perched itself on your shoulder and pecked at your temple. (+Int)

A fluttering jay bird kept asking you if you were married. (Nothing)

A white owl spoke to you of your grand destiny. (+Wis)

A scarab mysteriously imbedded itself in your chest. (+Str)

The King is old and wise. On his sixtieth birthday, you are asked to concoct a special beverage for him. What do you choose to do ?

A glass of water, for there are no better drinks. (Nothing)

A hearty ale, to make him merry and strong spirited, as in the days of his youth as a conquering king. (+Str, End)

A poison that will make him ill and weak, so that a better and younger king may replace him. (+Agi, Str)

A potion of rejuvenation that will make him young again, so that the kingdom may benefit from his wisdom for many more years. (+Wis)

A liquor of ambrosia, for the king is a connoisseur who appreciates the finer things in life. (+Int)