RM VIP Quest


Shield of Realmud

Gahruh's Quests

Turn in Evil Skulls, Evil Bones, Evil Branches and Evil Masks dropped from monsters in VIP islands to the NPC Gahruh's Warrior with the keyword "give". They're located within the castles perimeters.
After obtaining some Gahruh Medals, they can be traded to the NPC Gahruh's Collector for items respective to that VIP Area with the keywords "medals", "inventory" or "ordinary". The collectors are located outside the castle walls.

Gahruh's Warrior

The Gahruh Warrior is used to trade in drops from vip islands for Medals in at Least stacks of five or greater. Each island has different prizes to obtain, Medals can be used to obtain prizes from the Gahruh Collector behind outer wall of the Castles in Vip Area's.

Gahruh's Collector
Arakas VIP
Keyword Inventory
Name Medals
Cape of Protection 10
Ruby Pendant 15
Sapphire Pendant 15
Sparkling Necklace 15
Sword of Fury 150

Raven's Dust VIP
Keyword Inventory Keyword Ordinary
Name Medals Name Medals
Cloak of heat 25 Skeleton bone 150
Water sewed mantle 25 Flask of Goblin blood 150
Jade velvet robe 25 Flask of Bluish liquid 150
Amber velvet mantle 25 test
Ring of prowess 30
Hat of aptitude 20
Stone diadem 20
Weightless tiara 20

Stoneheim VIP
Keyword Inventory Keyword Ordinary
Name Medals Name Medals
Bracer of reverse wizardry 40 Red SpellBook 50
Bracer of reverse sorcery 40 Bloodstone ring 200
Scared roots wristband 40 Wasp Wax 100
Robe of rushing waters 50 Spider venom 150
Druid's ceremonial Robe 50
Cloak of the skies 50

Shield of Realmud

Weapons +3 (NPC Quest)

To be able to get any +3 weapons, you will need to have both the +1 and +2 versions of that weapon, and the gold needed to buy that weapon.It's also imperative that you have the stats to equip the weapon and you must also have VIP keys.
Once you have everything ready, search for an NPC named Tomyr Amos, located near the Castle of Orkanis and she tends to love apples. (Need 3 apples per weapon you wish to aquire)
To purchase the weapon simply say the full name of the weapon, Example. High Metal Dagger +3

Weapons Chart
Weapon Str Agi Wis Gold
Wooden Club +3 150
Rusted Long Sword +3 24
Rusted Dagger +3 24 3k
Rusted Hand Axe +3 12k
Dual Shiv Set +3 25 47 28k
Steel Rein Warhammer +3 40 41 26k
Polished Dagger +3 48k
Polished Broadsword +3 76k
Polished Hand Axe +3 104k
Fine Steel Mace +3 90 79 185k
Fine Steel Dagger +3 97 185k
Dual Karambit Set +3 39 65 400k
Fine Steel Scimitar +3 155 290k
Dual Push Blade Set +3 58 90 600k
Fine Steel battle Axe +3 184 415k
Dual Cinquedea Set +3 76 113 850k
High Metal Dagger +3 126 185k
High Metal Flail +3 140 116 490k
Dual Bowie Set +3 92 134 1.5M
Dual Beshara Set +3 112 160 1.75M
Dual Kris Set +3 138 194 2M
Ashwood Reflex Bow +3 17 39 12k
Elm Recurve Bow +3 29 97 104k
Hickory Compound Bow +3 49 184 415k
Oak Composite Bow +3 77 285 1 mil
Note - For these weapons you require stats to use them and +1 and +2 Versions of the weapon.

Special Event

- There is an NPC who will give VIP players an item called Miracle Stone.
- He is located southeast from Lighthaven temple entrance by the horse stables.
- He is referred to as A mysterious mage and responds to the keyword "key".
- Upon use (double clicking), the stone will cast various spell ups.

***However, the spells it cast will be available only during random times or special occasions via an HGM.
***The stone takes 3 seconds after the use to cast the spells if they are active.

- There are 15 available boosts for stats, skills, auras and it is up to the HGM to determine which boosts will be given.