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Realmud release notes for upcomeing patch

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  • Realmud release notes for upcomeing patch

    Realmud Balance Update

    Release Version 1.81 Rev 4

    ================================================== =====================================


    Mouse (System Operator)

    Chacal SGM (Senior Game Master)

    Nevinyraal GM (Game Master)

    ================================================== =====================================

    Cosmetic Gear

    Celo weapons exhaust adjusted

    Celofanium Cutlass

    Celofanium Claymore

    Celofanium Buster

    Celofanium Sai

    Celofanium Gaujian

    Celofanium Flamberge

    Celofanium Destroyer

    Celofanium Zanbatou

    Celofanium Ice Sword

    Celofanium Katana

    Celofanium Flatbow

    Celofanium Longbow

    Celofanium Recurve Bow

    Celofanium Reflex Bow

    Celofanium Compound Bow

    Celofanium Composite Bow

    Celofanium Ice Bow

    Celofanium Hand Axe

    Celofanium Battle Axe

    Celofanium Broad Axe

    Celofanium Vampire Wings

    Celofanium Sword

    Celofanium Bow

    Celofanium Axe

    ================================================== =====================================


    Updated Blood tipped Arrows for PVP and PVM Use.

    One that activates against players

    -3% to Air/Earth/Fire/Water - 5% Dark Power

    -3% to all stats.

    One that Activates against Monsters

    -15% AC

    -3% to Air/Earth/Fire/Water -25% to Dark Power

    -25% to Air/Earth/Fire/Water/Dark Resistance

    BattleMage Weapons

    Battlemage weapons have been updated for PVP and PVM Use

    Battlemage weapons affected by the change are listed in the next post

    ================================================== =====================================


    Spells from multiple elements have been updated as to follow proper server progression

    Resist Air Has been Added

    Resist Earth has been Modified to give a greater resistance but requirements have changed.

    New spells are being added to each class to bring the mage class into a better standing

    while future content for physical classes is being developped.

    Reduced Healing wave animations to lessen lag when healing a group

    ================================================== =====================================

    Bug Fixes

    White Silk Cap Bug Fixed

    Fixed issue with regen rate for Gluriurl
    ================================================== =====================================

    Changes to Reroll system

    With the update will come changes to how the reroll system works.

    Rerolls will no be purly given for major changes

    New Characters will no longer be given a reroll at character creatation

    ================================================== =====================================

    Due to changes we are making we will be setting all current characters to have 1 available reroll

    Current projection on Patch release is Friday June 16th 2023. If there is any changes in date we will update the post here to reflect the changes.

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    Item Name Str int Wis
    Sizzling Sparks 100 61 61
    Gathering Gust 121 74 74
    Static Strike 165 101 101
    Charged Agony 200 122 122
    Juiced Cleaver 241 147 147
    Pulse 279 170 170
    Stormbringer 294 180 180
    Sky Breaker 326 199 199
    Morfetus 210 - 168
    Running Fire 92 78 -
    Fire Slasher 138 116 -
    Flesh Burner 166 140 -
    Purgatory 205 173 -
    Infernal Fang 248 209 -
    Fiery Punishment 279 235 -
    Unholy Burning Sword 309 261 -
    Hell Sentence 347 293 -
    Freezing Wish 92 78 -
    Frostburn 138 116 -
    Congealing Scimitar 166 140 -
    Frostbitten Saber 205 173 -
    Chilling Pain 248 209 -
    Rushing Water 279 235 -
    Ice Catastrophe 309 261 -
    Absolute Zero 347 293 -

    Battlemage requirements on weapons have been updated to follow a curve for future content releases
    Battlemage weapons have been redesigned to use mental spells for PVP and Physical spells for PVM
    ================================================== =====================================


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      Sorry for the late responce, has been a very busy last few days.

      Mouse consideribg that you explained how bm weapons will work, could you please also clarify how elemental arrows of 4i work? I tried them also with gm spell (to do a test) and even if i reached more than 300 elemental power, in pvp them didn't do any damage. I saw just the pshysical dmg from the bow. I ask just to understand how them work. Thabk you!

      The elemental arrows was not something we have looked into, I will add it to our list of things to check on. As I do not currently know how those are setup I will look into them.
      Mouse and when will be a real update coz this look like bug and fix and even that is not complete
      We have some stuff planned out, and have been working out the details for a content patch. We just needed to get a bunch of admustments made first.
      what do you feel isn't complete? What else would you like for us to look into in the future?
      Can we also get more of an eleboration on the following - Changes to Reroll system

      So with the current update we have 1 last chance for a reroll, is there a timelimit we have to use our new one?​

      The current system, awarded every character 1 reroll from creation.
      The new system will not award that to every character. It was our feeling that it created the "lets build quick and easy and then transfer into the hardest character to build" And we felt this wasn't the intention of the system. So with that we are not removeing the system we are just adjusting the way its awarded.
      There is no timeline currently to use it.
      I hope that answeers the questions here if not keep asking and I will try to give more details.
      And another question: when someone has to reroll, can also edit the freyias? I think that if someone has made a char that has been nuked (like fever mages for pvp use), that player should be able to re-assign also the freyias. Or maybe it could be just added a scroll in the shop that allow us to edit that.

      I will have to see what the current system if it even exists to change the orbs. I will add this to our list of things to look into.


      White silk cap used to lose its light power buff, it wouldn't keep it on logout, portaling things like that.
      We have adressed the issue this should no longer happen.

      Battlemage weapons have been updated for PVP and PVM Use - what changes were made?

      Battle mage weapons now use 1 spell for pvp and one for pvm. This removes the "oh no I have to equip a different weapon in order to pvp " for battlemages.
      The weapons were adjusted in damage to bring inline with orgial weapons. This allows us room to grow with the battlemage weapon class.


      Any chance we can see some math on items/spells. Like what attributes affect them i.e. powers/stats/res. Would be nice to know how things scale, breakpoints, and what’s worth doing.

      Isn't that half the fun of playing the game? Figuring those things out?


      Another question: i read that earth resist spell will have an increased effect. Did you consider that if it will be increased like others resist spell (+100% base resist), this will almost certainly make entangle useless?

      ​It was brought inline with the other resist spells.


      I hope devs took into account res potion stacking when producing spells (edited)
      [4:50 AM]
      I have faith they did. But if they didn't..bummer​

      Why would we do something like that...



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        Aslo if you have the old version of Resist Earth You will need to see Mr Fixit in lighthaven to have it removed and points given back. Then you can learn the new spell from the npc.


        • dahas
          dahas commented
          Editing a comment
          Earth resist was change on many ways:
          Less gold for it
          Stats for it was increase from 60int/60wis = 120 to 22int /110wis = 132
          Skill points less from 33 to 27

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        Fixed issue where the Necromancer Got drunk and forgot to summon his Minions. (Elemental dragon's should now spawn as intended)
        Fixed issue with Fevor where it was not reducing light power as intended.
        Fixed issue where Certain Orb's and scrolls were stacking with one another.


        • dahas
          dahas commented
          Editing a comment
          This is not a fix when you make some potion useless like lesser pots

          What about fixing real things?
          How come a mass drain do not recover hp at all ?
          Is like mass healing heal only me make sense of his name?
          That is not mass drain is any mass you want but not drain.
          Last edited by dahas; 06-23-2023, 04:57 AM.