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    Hello Mouse is some time you ignored me, cause you baned me the cause i have say "im hgm and i dont have tell name server of cours" of one server project, and no open and you tell ppl i have one server all that is fault.... im solo a help staff with heig power of a project. please you bane me cause talking "im a hgm" im sure ppl go more offence vs gm and dialsoft this ppl never sanctionned and ppl fo pubblicip private server stil g.... ing real game you want bane him too , 100% server rm ? i never publicite other server then realmud from 2004
    and to have say im a hgm of a team *no server open you sanctionne me
    you is hard with me* please i never wanted publicite on game, and all player know me in realmud is me tell this ppl come playe and helped him get a place in this server bad understand converssassion work and publicited server np, i let you give free road to ppl publicite a server *i dont say name but you cant look log ppl * and look my log and look i nerver tell ppl joint me or other ... im sorry i have offance you but atm you no real pro, you dont respond about , is dont pro that, rememebr you no chief rm but dialsoft ... hope you go compt much ppl i have bring in rm .... please bring me back goa is ridiculus bane goa cause say "im a hgm" and ppl say *gon* server publicite and insult staff rm .. and never bane ...... please understand me same i understand you , but please look im dont menace to you and is from 20 year i support you and bring ppl.. can talk to hl hoax goon ... all is with me and all go tell you i dont publicite anny server then rm . Thx to the read *GoA*
    Last edited by fr Dem; 07-08-2020, 07:27 AM.