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What appening to realmud ?

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  • What appening to realmud ?

    Hello Shinigami and staff member of Realmud, i have see when lunch client now solo one hgm**shinigami** and 2 litel gm, can have some info what appened ? or evolution? also i waiting my raffle weapon price now from 1 year+ anny new?

    **note** i know shinigami you say i get that when new weapon comming but have new? is long and no new**

    GoA**God of Artherk**

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    Hey Demdem and Realmud

    Unfortunately as things go I had to step down for now as HGM, I put in alot of work over the years and hope that of the experiences on Realmud you all have gotten the best from it. You guys have always been awesome and being able to build the server as far as it has come with all of you has been great, we all put in hard work and I know the Realmud staff will continue to do so. Just make sure to show your appreciation as alot of the development and general day to day gameplay takes time to do. So keep playing and I wish you all the best as we keep this great game going.


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      Tyou to your reply Orion , courage at your IRL work now and tyou to all work you have do To Realmud! take care you best reguard ! and to me to sure time rm is here i stay !
      ** courage Shinigami !**

      GoA**God of artherk**
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