Shadows Of Althea




Shadows Of Althea

The gods are restless. They perceive the growing might of the humans, they wonder at the return of the dragons, and observe the unrest plaguing Althea. The Obsidian Conclave is no more. For years, it had seemed that Ogrimar gave up his desire for domination, Growing suspicions are surfacing amongst the lower gods that Artherk and Ogrimar are preparing, once more, to vie for the domination of Althea.

However, they can not hope to succeed without the consent, or to put it more realistically, the aid of the humans. Both wise gods realize this, and have thus started to weed out the weak humans from the strong, recruiting, setting individual tests for them, and making sure the ones serve them already stay loyal to them, so as to one day wage war!

Evil Path

In order to start this quest you must have done Balork's Evil Quest first.
First you need to seek out Kolorth Matuin. Second level LH Dungeon. You must have Black Market access. Bring a Silver Axe.
Keyword: "join". You become a Follower of Ogrimar and receive 15K XP.

Next is Peregrin. He can be found in a building near Lighthaven Bank. You will need Karlid's food. He is found at Lighthaven Gateway. Kill him and get his food. Take it back to Peregrin. Receive 75K XP.
Now find Kitiara behind LH Cemetery. She needs a Blessed Rusted Dirk. Receive Tainted Dirk and 25K XP.
Next is A Forlorn Looking Being at Arakas Druids. He wants George dead. Kill George Parltsberry in Yrian Earthsong's house. Receive 20K XP and gold.
Off to Arakas Labyrinth and Ulta who wants a Diamond Necklace. Receive 130K XP.
Blarof is next in Kraanian Cave. He wants Kraanian Mother Brood's egg. Receive 65K XP.
There are two known brood mother spawns in the Kraanian cave and there is an unknown third spawn somewhere.
Now we need to head to Raven's Dust. Go South of the Silversky entrance, between the mountains and the waters edge and you will find Molat Firewish. He will ask for a Staff of Thorns +1, a Dead Fish, a Ham Weapon, and five Demon Tree Leaves. You will receive a Tanned Antelope skin.
Next go through Anrak's cave, near the ocean by Raven's Dust's Crypt. and find Romanicus. He will ask for a Red Cape, a Potion of Fury, and a Skeleton Bone. You will receive 150K XP.
Sangta Pluitor can be found at Bane's Castle.
Keywords: "help" and "Jisin".
He will tell you about Jisin Narkatil and the Order of Forniost. Go to Jisin Narkatil now. He can be found in a building near the Silversky Potion Shop. You must be level 30 by this point.
Keywords: "Order of Forniost" and "join".
He will direct you to Ariakus. He is located in the Silversky Jail.
Keyword: "Jisin", "yes", and "join".
He will tell you that you must prove your worth by disposing of A Beggar. Go kill A Beggar at Silversky Inn and return to Ariakus.
Keyword: "killed".
You now have joined the Order of Forniost and receive the Amulet of Forniost and 350K XP.

Name Str End Agi Wis Int Skill Damage Bonus
Tainted Dirk 61 0 0 0 0 100 attack 31-46 40% attack, 5 powerful blow
Ring of the Prodigy 0 0 0 19 141 - - 3 fire/water/dark powers, -50 dodge
Amulet of Forniost 0 0 0 19 122 - - 1 AC, 5 dark power, 5 int

Good Path

In order to start this quest you must have done Trust Quest.
First you need to speak with Aris Springtouch. She can be found at the Lighthaven Cemetery. She will tell you to kill Tomb Raider afterwards.
Keywords: "follower" and "join".
You become a Follower of Artherk and you receive 15K XP.
Now you need to seek out Karlid. He can be found at Lighthaven Gateway. He wants an apple.
Keyword: "food".
You will receive 7.5K XP.
The next person you need to speak with is located in WindHowl. Penelope Hirede can be found in the first house on the right after entering the front gates.
Keywords: "jewelry" and "something".
She sends you to Parft Greencane.
Parft Greencane can be found near the ocean above Cursed Valley, close to the Castle of Orkanis.
Keyword: "mountains".
He wants either a Golden Ring,
Keyword: "ring"
or a Golden Bracelet
Keyword: "bracelet".
One you have one of the two items return and say keyword "help" or "hands".
You receive 50K XP for the ring and 75K XP for the bracelet.
NOTE: You will NOT receive any fame for bringing him the ring.
Now head back to WindHowl and locate Lord Galialin. He can be found in a building near the Armor Shop.
Keywords: "wants", "war", "castle", and "lord".
Now go kill the troll until he drops his club and return to WindHowl. Keyword: "slay".
You will receive 5K Gold and 50K XP.
2nd half to Lord
Galialin, Annabelle refuses to talk to him.
Keyword: "talk"
He needs a Bouquet of Flowers.
Once you have them return to him.
Keyword: "bring flowers".
You will receive The Galialin Crest.
Time to head to the Arakas Druids and find George Parltsberry. He can be found inside Yrian Earthsong's house. He says to kill A Forlorn Looking Being found East of his house. Go back to George.
Keyword: "it".
You will receive 5K Gold and 15K XP..
Mahela Greenwater is our next stop. She can be found on the second floor of SilverSky Castle.
Keywords: "jobs", "enchant", and "help".
She will now ask for a random item.
Statement Item Where to find
a scroll to leave a nasty place Escape Scroll Forest of No Return
a skull Death Jester's Skull Silversky Jail
a ring with a foreign stone Jade Ring of Sorcery Grott or Dark Wanderer
a ring made of nothing Willowisp Ring Quest
a ring made of metal more precious than gold Platinum Ring Quest
a type of crystal Gleaming Shard Silversky Crypt
a root in a bag Pouch of Black Snakeroot Minotaur Dungeon
a treasure from the minotaur Blue Gem Minotaur Dungeon

The Jade Ring of Sorcery gives the most fame.
Once you have the correct item return to her and say keyword "find".
Head to Raven's Dust and find Strongroot near Druids Camp. You must click on Strongroot a few times.
Keywords: "slumber", "harmony", "thief", and "stolen".
Go kill Greyleaf near Raven's Dust RST and return to him with the Belladonna Berries.
Keyword: "bring".
You will receive 50K XP.
Next you need to seek out Jaya Lialind. She can be found in the mountains near the entrance to Orc Cave.
Keywords: "hunt" and "kill".
Now head thru Orc Cave to Orc Camp and find Selat'kur in one of the houses. Kill him and return to Jaya and say keyword "kill".
You will receive 200K XP.
Let's now head over to Raven's Dust desert and find a person named Meakor Perard. He can be found wandering around the North Eastern area of the desert.
Keywords: "disguise", "theme", "proclaim", "play", and "question".
He will ask you a series of riddles.

Riddle Answer
I have long hairy legs, I tend to lay eggs, very valuable are my eyes,
and I'm dangerous due to my size. What am I?
I live deep in the forest, tall and proud as can be,
but my heart has grown black, I'm an evil tree. What am I?
Demon Tree
Because my ancestors were weak, I live in the deep,
my skin is so blue, but why I have no clue. What am I?
Deep One
I'm a giant hatched from a tiny egg, only problem is I don't have a leg,
you can say about me really only one thing, I pack one nasty sting. What am I?
Death Stinger
I am alive without breath, I am born of death,
my bones are but bones, breakable only by stones. What am I?
Skeleton Warlock

After each riddle the corresponding monster will spawn. Kill it and talk with Meakor each time using the keyword "question".
You will receive 3K times your level in gold and 10K times your level in XP.
Now you need to head to The Forest of No Return. Find a Person named Yoinad Adedrigorn on the Western Shore.
Keyword: "help".
He is needing all 6 pieces of Drachen; Drachensword, Drachenstaff, Drachenshield, Drachenplate, Drachenrobe, Drachenhelmet. Once you have all 6 pieces, return to him.
Keyword: "search".
The amount of gold and XP you receive is level dependent. Please see the chart below.

Level Gold Experience
25-50 2K times level 2K times level
50-99 1 Million 2.5 Millon
100+ 1.5 Million 5 Million

Last person we need to locate is A Beggar who can be found in the Silversky Inn.
Keywords: "brother", "killed", "union", "die", "sacrifice", and "yes:.
Go kill Brother Alydan, he can be found in a house near Silversky Temple, and return to A Beggar. You will receive the Signet Ring of Anor.

Name Str End Agi Wis Int Bonus
The Galialin Crest 20 75 0 0 0 4 AC, 10 strength, 30 attack, -4 dodge
Signet Ring of Anor 0 0 0 116 21 1 AC, 5 earth power, 5 wisdom

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